The problem with art is that you always seem to be reinventing the wheel–figuratively speaking that is.
Actually, that’s what makes it an adventure.
I am making a beaded purse. Well, part of it is vintage kimono fabric that I beaded and now must attach to ultra suede. So, I have to figure out how to make it look finished and ensure that nothing comes apart!
Thank goodness I did all that sewing in my younger years. The lesson is that everything we learn gives us more options. Nothing we learn is for naught. Even if it seems so early on.
For example, I studied copy writing with AWAI. I have done some web copy and some work for Robert Bly, but not really jumped into the pool. But it has helped with my own webpage and marketing. So, it’s all good.
I hope to help you all out there with this and more, so stayed tuned!