Wow! I’m finally settling in from our camping trip to the Maze in Canyonlands. For those of you who don’t know where that is, think of the four Corners area of Utah. It is incredible big sky country and the most remote place in any National Park in the U.S. of A.

Start out at the ranger station with eight trucks loaded to the max and 20 passengers, then head down the Flint Trail for the Doll House campgrounds. It only took us 12 hours! That should give you some idea of how difficult the trail is and how remote the location.Image

But boy was it worth it. We spent 5 days in camp–days of leisure, hiking and fun. Mostly fun. But, being a bit of a princess, I like real accommodations, like indoor plumbing and sheets. We slept in a tent on an air mattress that couldn’t seem to keep air. My wonderful husband did provide a heater for the shower water and an enclosure. But the main toilet was outside behind a rock.

The park service has new regulations. With the dry weather, the fire hazard is great, so no fires. That means not charcoal, and that means no dutch ovens. Propane stoves only. We pretty much cooked everything at home and sealed it in cooking bags. But it was still great!

We traveled by truck to Chimney Rock and Indian Cave and then hiked. This is a picture of Chimney Rock. Awesome doesn’t even come close. This is created by erosion from wind and water.Image

My greatest breakthrough came on the way out. Because the climate is so dry, the fallen juniper trees twist themselves into wonderful, evocative shapes. The bark is shredded and textured to look like scales, so I saw dragons everywhere and wanted to bring one home, but no–illegal. But those wonderful dragons inspired me to create some from polymer clay and fabric. They are still whirling in my head awaiting creation. I’ll post one when he’s done.

Here are a couple more photos for your pleasure. Check out the big sky country.Image

This next photo shows what the area Surrounding the Doll House is like. Enjoy the photos, we enjoyed the trip.