Wow! What an adventure. I headed out to Palm Coast on Delta Airlines. Not my best or first choice for an airline, but the cheapest–and I know why. Anyway after a day of sitting somewhere, either the airport or on the planes, I arrived to the sight of my son and daughter-in-law. Total joy! They are so far away and I really miss them. 

This was really late at night and, of course, you don’t really get fed on the plane. So, I lacked sleep and food. Not a good combination. But I held it together and off to Palm Coast we rode. I failed to mention I arrived in Jacksonville, FL, one of my old stompin’ grounds. It’s about an hour ride to their home. 

Now the adventure had really begun. You see, I lived in a house with 7 other people–two of them little people in whose room I slept. Or rather tried to. I’d quite forgotten what it’s like to have little feet constantly running through the house and tearing things up. But they are wonderfully bright and loving children (all five of them), so I was truly lucky to be there. I even got to love my own skin, as my 4-year old grandson loves to touch things and that was one of them.

The weather was muggy and hot, so we were indoors a lot, but I did get some pictures I wanted to share with my reader. These were taken at an agricultural museum and a memorial garden. At the garden the mosquitoes were out in force, so we didn’t stay to see as much as we would have liked. This part of Florida is largely overgrown with plants and replants (Yankees who winter there). And there is water everywhere, so the bugs really love it, and us.

The ocean, only a few blocks away wasn’t too cooperative because of the storms. That means I got to spend lots of time just enjoying my family and getting to know them all over again. Americans seem to have lost their sense of family and we are much too far apart. I mourn the days when 3 generations lived in the same house or on the same property. Then the children had lots of people teaching them how to be humans.We need more of that. 

Here is my beautiful family and the environment they live in. It has been a real adventure for them too.